CxC Helps Companies Extract Optimum Value from Customer Experiences Across Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Social Media.

CxC Grow Revenue in Every Contact

The CxC

Matrix™ Uncovers Untapped Revenue & Cost Savings Opportunities Client by Client.

Our customer value management services include a full range of strategy services, including:

  • *CxC  Matrix : Customer Interaction Map, Measures, KPI's
    • Industry standard customer experience map
    • Maps customer life cycle by
      • business objective
      • channel
      • department
      • technology 
    • Identifies customer management capabilities and gaps
    • Defines future customer, technology, process, organization 
    • Delivers execution road map 

Why executives and investors praise the CxC Matrix:

  • Ensures management buy-in and sponsorship for company-wide customer strategy and objectives
  • Aligns stakeholder vision with customer value
  • Aligns customer strategy with the operations, IT, marketing, sales, and service
  • Embeds customer value optimization rules & monitoring in customer processes, systems, reporting

CxC delivers the methodology and tools featured in "Customer Worthy, Why and How Everyone in Your Organization Must Think Like a Customer" to help companies dramatically improve financial performance client by client.

The core concept is to “Think Like a Customer”, meaning to understand each contact from the customer’s point of view. The book explains how to use the Matrix to document contacts throughout the customer life cycle, allowing companies to systematically visualize, analyze, monetize, prioritize and ultimately optimize each interaction. It shows how to extend the Matrix to the departmental and system view of each contact, giving companies a roadmap of the steps they must take to execute on Matrix concepts.
 - David Raab, CustomerExperienceMatrix blog


Why Use Us

Our clients benefit from incomparable customer understanding that is actionable and measurable. 

The CxC Matrix is a framework for companies to link strategy to customer activity, resources and technology. The Matrix lets companies assess  business success  measured by impact per customer.  

Our Experience Shows

Multi-industry expertise benefits clients leveraging best practices across financial services, retail, publishing, new media, membership organizations, technology, communications, non-profits, government and business to business.

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