Social CRM (Re-)Defined CRM Advocate Comment

posted Aug 30, 2011, 1:26 PM by Michael Hoffman
My inbox had these headlines paired
"Global CRM to Grow by $1.3B in 2011"
"Social CRM (Re-)Defined"
and yes, the CRM prediction is for 2011, not 2012 - (is it really a prediction if the year is almost over?)

[Response to CRM Advocate blog linking CRM, Customer Experience and customers)

The forecast in CRM Magazine went on to segment CRM: customer service solutions, marketing applications, sales applications and the contact center. 

No "social," yet, each of the "segments" definitely has a social component and "social" is likely partly responsible for overall market growth.

So the question is should "social CRM" stand alone or be discussed in context of the aforementioned CRM segments? And where is customer experience in the mix?

The only opinion that counts is the customer's opinion,  so CRM includes all of the above - all the contact points across all the corporate functions - so eCRM, social CRM, mobile CRM, next gen CRM all converge at the point of customer contact. 

So how do customers think CRM is doing? 
Customer satisfaction continues to decline regardless of continued investment in technology and outsourcing -  so let's call customer experience the customer's view of CRM and response to CRM; from advertising thru marketing, sales, service, community (social) [see CxC Matrix)... all the customer life stages.

Customer satisfaction continues to decline in telecom, banking, credit card, web (Facebook is the worst? really? ) airlines, retail - so customers expectations continue to grow and CRM results continue to wane.

So Gary, back to your point, it may be up to the organization to define CRM, but investing in CRM and measuring CRM for CRM's sake, i.e. "the company's objectives" may completely miss measuring the customer's experience including the customer's experience from life stage to life stage - the true measure of CRM's value.

CRM 2011 growth
customer satisfaction declines: , ,
exceptions airline, credit card