Michael R Hoffman - CEO

Michael Hoffman
 is a pioneer in monetizing customers and customer experience. He has spent more than 20 years working across industries helping them better understand, target, win, and grow customers.

Mr. Hoffman speaks the language of sales, operations, finance and technology all with a customer dialect. His “customers are everyone’s business” approach invigorates employees across a company spurring innovation, enthusiasm and a contagious passion to build, sell and deliver customer worthy solutions.

Mr. Hoffman’s knowledge comes from years spent in front of customers and in boardrooms, within customer technology development skunk works, and inside multi-thousand cubicle customer contact centers. He shows companies how to gain unfair competitive advantage leveraging customer information to design, execute and measure superior customer worthy solutions.

In 2004, he launched Client x Client, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in marketing technology, customer relationship management (CRM), and strategy. His model for optimizing customer value is the basis for Customer Worthy: How and Why Everyone in Your Organization Must Think Like a Customer. He is a frequent speaker and author for the Leadership, Sales, Marketing, CRM and Tech industry and trade magazines.

His prior experience includes executive positions at Google, Sitel, Experian, and marketing technology start-ups. His diverse clients and partnerships include well-known establishments in the retail, banking, insurance, non-profit, telecommunications, publishing, travel, technology, services, and entertainment industries.